Emergency electrical repairs in Sydney

I’d love to come out to every single emergency repair in Sydney but it would be impossible. I thought I’d post a few tips and if all of these fails please call me on 0433 509 510

Generally when a fuse blows or safety switch or circuit breaker turns off its because you have an electrical fault. Be really careful in repeatedly switching them back on as this can cause more damage to your electrical system.

Typical residential fuses

Typical residential fuses

Typical residential safety switch

Typical residential RCD

Your lighting and power circuits should be seperated, generally if there is a fault it will only be with one of these circuits. They should be clearly labelled so once you have determined which is turning off jump to the paragraph relevant to you.

Power circuit problems

8/10 the reason your switch is tripping off due to a faulty appliance. Go around your house unplugging all your electrical equipment. Dont forget things like fridges and dishwashers because these are generally the guilty culprits.

poor connections can cause cables to melt

poor connections can cause cables to melt

If your switch doesn’t reset after unplugging absolutely everything you will need to contact FIX electrical contractors because there is a fault on your electrical system and only a licenced electrical contractor is legally allowed to repair the problem.

Light circuit problems

Very similar to power trouble shooting go around your house and turn all the light switches off (make sure your fan control knobs are off also) If your lighting circuit doesnt turn back on and your confident you can also unplug/unscrew all of your globes, there is a chance the switch turned off due to a faulty globe.

Use a trial an error process turning all the switches on one by one to isolate the cause to one light fitting. replace the globe if this doesn’t work there is a problem with your light fixture. Again if your safety switch doesn’t turn on call FIX electrical contractors and have one of our friendly electricians come out and repair the problem for you.

Blackened globes can be faulty

Blackened globes can be faulty


I hope that helped in some way and remember if your not confident or cant find the problem after a few attempts stop and call us because you can potentially do more damage than you originally had.



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