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The Complete Test And Tag Guide

Testing and tagging any electrical devices in the workplace is extremely important, especially when it comes to employer safety. But what exactly does a test and tag service provider do, and how often will you need to test your workplace equipment?

Below you can find a complete guide to testing and tagging so you can ensure that your business is operating within Australian health and safety guidelines! 

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What Is Test and Tag?

Test and tag is the method used to test any electrical devices to ensure that they are safe to use. This is done through an initial visual inspection to find faults such as cable damage and then followed up with a portable appliance tester.

Once a device has been tested it will be tagged with a label that displays the test date and a recommended date for the next test.

Who Needs to Test and Tag?

Any business owner operating with Australia will need to test and tag their workplace equipment frequently. This is to ensure that your business is complying with Australian health and safety guidelines.

Who Is Allowed to Test and Tag Electrical Equipment?

Ideally, when it comes to testing and tagging electrical equipment, you will only want to use a professional service. The competent person will have knowledge as they do regular testing and follow the Australian standard from the test and tag course. This will help lower the risk of any potential hazards and ensure your electrical devices are thoroughly tested. Workplace safety is a must to follow with the relevant Australian standards.

What Kinds of Equipment Are Tested and Tagged?

Any equipment that is connected to an electrical source should be tested and tagged. This includes computers, extension leads, electric drills and any other devices used within the workplace.

Construction gear is perhaps the most important equipment you will need to run through an electrical test frequently. Due to constant use, construction equipment can be the cause of extreme accidents if not regularly tested and tagged!

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How Often Should You Test and Tag?

Not all of your workplace equipment will need to be tested on the same day. For example, construction equipment needs to be tested more often than double-insulated appliances. Below you can find a rough guideline to how frequently you need to test specific appliances:

3 months

Any building, demolition and construction equipment must be tested at least once every 3 months. A fault in any building equipment can be disastrous, which is why an electrical test is needed every 3 months!

6 months

Production equipment found in warehouses and factories will need to be tested and tagged once every 6 months. Most production equipment is used 24/7 so they are extremely prone to general wear and tear.

Emergency exit light testing and fire safety equipment tests should also be checked at least every 6 months for both employee and customer safety.

12 months

Your typical workplace electrical appliance should be tested at least once every 12 months. This also includes portable electrical appliances and extension leads as they can be prone to wear and tear through cable flexing.

Every 5 years

Any electrical appliances that are rarely accessed may only need testing once every 5 years for electrical safety. Equipment found in places such as server rooms and other hideaways will rarely suffer from much wear and tear.

What Equipment Is Used to Test and Tag?

Portable Appliance Tester – When it comes to electrical testing most test and tag services will use a portable appliance tester. This will let testers electrically and visually inspect any workplace appliances that require testing and tagging.

How Much Does Testing and Tagging Cost?

The price of your testing and tagging service will depend on the number and type of devices that require testing. You can contact us for a quote or get in touch using our contact details found here!

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How long will testing and tagging take?

This depends on how many items need to be tested and tagged. Typically, you can expect the whole process to last no longer than an hour.

Am I required to turn my equipment off during the test and tag process?

Before each test, it is important that you fully switch off any equipment before any testing takes place. Electrical testing services need to be using quality test and tag equipment that is not faulty to ensure correct readings either performed in-house or an on site inspection.

Is it more cost-effective to perform testing and tagging in-house?

It is almost always more cost-effective to hire an electrician to test and tag any of your workplace appliances. A typical electrician will already have all the equipment needed for electrically testing your appliances.

Key Takeaways

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a construction company or an IT business, testing and tagging are extremely important to prevent any potential electrical hazards. Ensure you are regularly testing to stay safe and keep your business operating for years to come!

For more information on test and tag services, contact Fix Electrical Contractors today!

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