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Fix Electrical Contractors are electrical specialists providing solar system services, including maintenance and repairs! Solar panel systems are becoming popular for both residential and commercial properties, due to the potential long-term savings. Solar power systems play an important role in our ability to address environmental issues at a local level and for reducing the cost of living for households across Australia.

But how can you ensure your solar power system keeps working efficiently over the 20+ years you might have a system? And who do you call if something goes wrong?

Whether your solar panel system is in need of general maintenance or you need a solar system repair, our team can help. Our experienced team can service solar panels, solar systems, solar components, and perform solar system and solar inverter repairs – contact Fix Electrical Contractors!


Solar Panel Maintenance

Proper solar panel maintenance is crucial to ensure the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of your solar energy system. As an electrical service provider, we understand the importance of maintaining clean and well-functioning solar panels.

Regular maintenance can include a variety of tasks that ensure the longevity and functionality of your system over its lifetime. Maintenance tasks can include solar panel cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and debris, checking for any physical damage, inspecting electrical connections, and ensuring that the system is operating safely and at optimal capacity.

Routine maintenance not only maximises energy production but also extends the lifespan of your solar panels, ultimately saving you money and reducing your environmental footprint. Trust us to keep your solar power system in top condition, ensuring it continues to generate clean, renewable energy for years to come.

Solar System Repair

When it comes to solar system repair, our expert electricians are your trusted partners. Our team is experienced working with all types of electrical components, including solar panels, solar inverters, batteries and monitoring systems.

We understand that even the most reliable solar energy systems may encounter issues over time. Whether you’re facing electrical faults, inverter problems, or any other solar system malfunctions, our team is well-equipped to diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix these issues efficiently.

We prioritise safety, precision, and timely repairs, ensuring that your solar system experiences minimal down time and is back to generating clean, renewable energy as soon as possible. From solar panel repairs to inverter faults, you can count on our skilled electricians to provide the expertise and reliability required to fix your solar system.

Contact Fix Electrical via email or call us on (02) 4703 4622.

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What Can You Do If Your Solar Panels Are Not Working?

There can be many reasons why solar performance can lag or drop off and solar panel repairs can be expensive, so it’s worth taking the time to check yourself (if you are able to), before you call for help. Here are some tips for checking what the issue might be with your solar system:

Check Your Solar System Is Working Properly

  • Check the solar monitoring software: monitoring software monitors the performance of your overall system and some can even monitor the performance of individual solar panels (just one of many reasons to invest in a great monitoring system). If the system is flagging any specific errors or showing overall lower performance, it could be a sign to get help.
  • Check the panels are clean and clear: If there is too much debris build up on the solar panels, they are not going to work very well. If you’re able to, and it is safe to do so, take a look at your solar panels and see if they might be in need of a gentle clean or need some help removing build up. If you don’t feel safe doing this, you can always call in the professionals to inspect your solar panels and help with keeping them clean.
  • Check system components for damage: It’s also worth giving each part of your solar system a look over for any potential damage like cracks, chips, or damaged wiring if you are able to do so safely. We recommend not touching any exposed wiring or any components with visible damage if possible. If you don’t feel that you can safely do this, it’s best to call in a professional to perform an electrical inspection of your system.

What are Common Failures in Solar Panels or Solar Power Systems?

Common problems with solar systems include:

  • Loose connections between the wires and the terminals on either the solar panels or the inverter. Loose connections can cause intermittent problems with the system, including power fluctuations and shorts.
  • Corrosion or damage to one or more components. Corrosion or damage can cause fluctuations in power generation and distribution.

While there can be other problems, loose connections and damage tend to be the most common reasons why a solar system is not performing as well as it should. This is more common in older systems, but can also happen in newer systems as well.

What To Do If You Need Replacement Parts for a Solar System

If the faulty part of your solar system is beyond repair, you will need to get in touch with your preferred solar installer. A solar installer can help you with everything from solar panel replacements to upgrading your inverter or even taking your whole system to the next level with a solar monitoring system or solar batteries.

Looking for Solar System Maintenance
or Need Solar Panels Repaired?

For more information about solar panel repairs or system maintenance at either a commercial or residential property, contact Fix Electrical Contractors today or call us on (02) 4703 4622. 

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Phil Timbrell
Phil Timbrell
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Arrived on time, Dave completed the installation of some light fittings, cleaned up afterwards and did an excellent job. Very happy.
Kathryn Crawford
Kathryn Crawford
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I’ve used Dan for a few small jobs in the past, and I needed another small job completed in the home, which was in no way urgent. I sent Dan a text message to ask his availability and within 25 minutes, I had one of the team on my doorstep ready to complete the job for me - was great timing that they were in the area! So happy with the communication received from Dan, as well as Crystal in the office and the two tradesmen who came to complete the job. Would happily recommend using the team at FIX again and again. Incredibly impressed with the great service.
Tony Petrovski
Tony Petrovski
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Extremely happy with all communication and work done by this company. Communication was clear and upfront. Electricians are knowledgeable, and completed all work as discussed. Will use this company for all our electrical needs.
Brenton Nisbet
Brenton Nisbet
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great team, always responsive. Quality work and reasonably priced!
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Recommended.Good contact, very helpful with the supply of electrical parts, arrived on time, work completed efficiently & cleaned up.
Daniel Jennings
Daniel Jennings
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Fix electrical has quality workmanship and turns up on time! All the tradesmen polite, care and deliver on time. Highly recommend if you’re in the Blue Mountains or Western Sydney area!
Donna Findlay
Donna Findlay
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The team from Fix Electrical were exceptional. Their workmanship was excellent, they were efficient and well organised. Communication was clear and timely. The work was completed in an efficient and professional manner.
Mike Rivas
Mike Rivas
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excellent and prompt service from Adrian and the team
Que Moore
Que Moore
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Quick and professional installation of a Tesla charger. Best in lower mountains. Cheers.

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