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A downlight installation will not only improve the ambiance of your home, but it will also save electricity (compared to using normal lights) and can add value to your property as well.

Installing downlights or upgrading existing downlights has become popular with many homeowners looking for lighting solutions that provide both style and energy efficiency. Our experienced electricians can help with installing your new downlights or updating your existing fixtures with LED lighting.

Types of Downlights

When it comes to selecting your downlights, there are a variety of choices to make, including the shape (circular and square are popular options), fixture style, type of bulb and more. Your choice should reflect your lighting needs and style of your home. Popular downlight options include:

-Fixed Downlights: A fixed downlight is embedded into the ceiling and is designed to emit light directly downward. The light angle is not adjustable and is common in communal areas like lounge rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Fixed downlights are the most popular choice of downlight and tend to be the most cost-effective.

-Recessed Downlights: A recessed downlight is similar to a fixed downlight, however, instead of sitting flush with the ceiling for a seamless look, it is hidden within the ceiling or within a cavity in the wall.

-Gimbal Downlights: A gimbal downlight uses a pivoting mechanism on the fixture, allowing you to adjust the angle of the light. These are ideal for task lighting or for highlighting architectural or ornamental features.

-Wall Wash Downlights: A wall wash downlight is a type of recessed light, designed to distribute light over a wall space evenly – effectively “washing” the wall in light. These lights will usually have a wider spread than typical downlights, making it more of an accent light.

-Eyeball Downlights: an eyeball downlight is another type of recessed fixture that features a distinctive bulb casing that extends out from the fixture. The faceplate itself is fixed, while the bulb fixture can tilt and rotate – together the light resembles an eyeball.

-Triple Downlights: Triple downlights function similarly but have three bulbs instead of two, making them even more broad reaching.

Downlight installations also have a range of options for the type of bulbs used and adjustable features. Installing LED downlights is popular with many homeowners, as LED lights have become quite famous for their longevity and conservative electricity usage. Popular bulb choices include:

-LED Bulbs
-Halogen Bulbs
-Incandescent Bulbs
-Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) Bulbs

Adjustable features available with downlights commonly include dimmer functions and angle adjustability of each light. How physically adjustable the angle of the lights will be affected by the type of fixture you use when installing downlights – for example, with a fixed downlight, you will not be able to change the angle of the light.

Why You Need an Electrician to Install Downlights

Installing new downlights, or even upgrading existing ones, is the type of job that requires a licensed electrician. All work on an electrical system – whether it’s a residential or commercial property – must be carried out by a qualified electrician. This is for safety reasons, not only to keep yourself safe during the installation process, but to keep other people who may be on the property safe as well.

Installing downlights is not as simple as putting in a new light bulb – it will mean cutting out space in the ceiling or walls for fixtures, updating the wall switch, or even potentially upgrading the electricals throughout the property. It’s important that trained professionals handle this work so it is completed safely and in a timely manner.

If you’re looking to add a new LED downlight installation to your home or need to upgrade your existing downlights, contact Fix Electrical Contractors today.

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Downlight Installation FAQs

What is a Downlight?

Downlights are smaller lights that are installed into the ceiling or recessed cavities. Features like the narrowness of light, rotating mechanisms and dimming functions make downlights ideal for use in both residential and commercial buildings.

What is Downlight Used For?

Downlights are a versatile light fitting that can be used for a variety of purposes. The narrow light they emit is ideal for task lighting (over benches or in recessed cavities) and navigational lighting (along pathways or doorways). Downlights that include a dimming function are great for mood lighting in a variety of rooms throughout your home or business. They are also fantastic for accent lighting to highlight architectural features, art pieces or special spots around your home or business.

Are Downlights Expensive to Install?

In general, downlights tend to be a cost-effective lighting solution, however, this depends on a variety of factors. These factors include electrical wiring, existing lights in the space, how many lights and in how many spaces, the type of fixture and bulbs used, and functionalities (for example, adding a dimmer switch). It’s best to know what your budget is and then discuss the available options with an experienced electrician.

What are the Benefits of Downlights?

Downlights provide a variety of benefits including:
• Lighting flexibility to have more or less light, brighter or dimmer light, etc.
• Great for task lighting in specific areas, for example, over island workbenches in kitchens.
• Provide more efficient lighting in high traffic areas like hallways or entrances.
• Save on electricity bills with more energy efficient lighting.

Do Downlights Save Electricity?

Downlights can save electricity – depending on how many you have, how often they’re used and what type of bulb is used – as most downlights use LEDs which use a much lower voltage than the mains power supplies.

How Many Years Do Downlights Last?

The number of years you get out of your downlights will depend largely on the type of bulb you use. For example, the typical lifespan of halogen downlights is around 1-2 years, but an LED light has an average lifespan of around 4-6 years (though some can last longer than this). When discussing your downlight installation with your electrician, inquire as to the lifespan of the different bulb options.

Do Downlights Add Value to a House?

The short answer is yes! Not only do downlights look amazing in your home, they are also a desirable feature in rental homes or for other potential homeowners if you choose to sell or lease.


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