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EV Charger Installation


When it comes to any electrical work in your home or business, including electric vehicle charging technology, you should work with a qualified and experienced electrician. Our team will ensure the work is completed on time and on budget, to the highest quality and safety standards.

What is an EV Charger?

EV chargers refers to an Electric Vehicle charger, used to recharge the battery of your electric or hybrid car. Like any chargeable item or electronic, both electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles need an EV charger to keep the battery running.

How Do Electric Vehicle Chargers Operate?

At its most basic, an EV charger functions exactly like any other appliance or item you charge by putting into the wall: it draws an electrical current from either a 240v outlet or the grid it is linked to and distributes that electricity to the car. There will be an outlet on the electric vehicle that has a charging point where the device will plug into the vehicle.

To install an EV charger at your property you will need to work with a licensed electrician to ensure quality and safety. Your electrician can also show you how to use your EV charging equipment, which can be quite daunting for new users, as it is the first time people have utilised this technology in many cases.

The Zappi EV Charger

There are a variety of EV charger options available. For an EV charging station for your home or business that has exceptional performance and efficiency, our installers favour the Zappi EV charger.

This system is an adaptive solution that can take power from the grid, solar, wind, or all of the above to maximise the ROI on your green energy setup. The tailored, intelligent and networked charging solution is the #1 best selling solar compatible charger and is the best option for a wide range of properties.

To install EV chargers at your property, you will need to work with a qualified and experienced professional. Fix Electrical are licensed EV charger installers providing EV charger installation services to central Sydney and the wider Sydney region. 

myenergi, zappi electric vehicle charger in white, phone with myenergi app

Benefits of Installing the Zappi EV Charging Solution

Zappi is the first-ever solar EV charger of its kind and there are many benefits to having a Zappi EV charger installed.

There are numerous benefits to installing zappi, a high value EV charger that ensures optimal performance and maximises efficiency. The charger includes:

  • Available with 22kW 3ph or 7kW 1ph.
  • Top of the line safety features to protect you and your vehicle.
  • Internet access features and app integration with myenergi to monitor devices from your phone.
  • Ability to set timers for off-peak charging and boost function for faster charging.
  • Available with connection type options, including Type 2 Tethered and Untethered.
  • Options for a built-in or external hub.
  • 2 colour options – white and black.

Myenergi are market leaders in EV charging technology and the zappi is one of the best EV charging solutions available on the market. This model is an ideal EV charging solution, available in varying voltage size and strength.

Need an Electric Car Charger Installation? Contact Fix Electrical Today!

For more information about EV charger installations, at either a commercial or residential property, contact Fix Electrical Contractors today or call us on (02) 4703 4622. Fix Electrical services, repairs and install electric vehicle charging solutions to enable a safe and effective method of car charging.

myenergi, zappi electric vehicle charging unit in black with attached charger

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