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An electrical switchboard upgrade come with many benefits and may be critically needed at times. Upgrading switchboards requires a qualified electrician to properly inspect older systems and identify what needs to be updated.  Deciding to upgrade your switchboard could be one of the most important decisions you can make. Your switchboard is the gateway for all electrical power to your home and business and holds the key to your electrical safety. All your power whether from the street or a solar panel system, always connects through your switchboard first. Switchboard upgrade is needed when the following occur :

– Repeated short circuiting
– Flickering lights for no apparent reason
– Switchboard cabling hot to touch

These warning signs are all minor calls to action to upgrade your electrical switchboard. The greater danger for faulty switchboards is the increased risk of electrical fires due to overland. This is why it is essential that your premises switchboard is upgraded and maintained to Australian electrical standards – Australian Standard AS3000. 

Older switchboards simply were not built to handle the requirements of modern electricity. Electrical switchboard upgrades to modern standards can increase the electrical efficiency and safety of your premises. 

You need a switchboard upgrade to have a safe and efficient electrical system.

Switchboard upgrades are not as simple as removing the old one and connecting a new one. Australian law dictates that when replacing an old switchboard, the entire electrical system of the premises be brought up to Australian Standard AS3000. 

Switchboards should be checked at least once in 5 years and it is always smart to upgrade your switchboard every 20 years. An older switchboard still functions on ceramic fuses and not with modern circuit breakers. 

Most electricians will get a new circuit installed whenever a new type of electrical device is installed in the house. If you are redoing certain circuit breakers then you might as well redo the entire box to ease future conversions. 

You should also consider getting an electrician if your circuit breakers keep tripping out and especially if you notice that the circuit breaker doesn’t trip out when an electric appliance malfunctions. 

The Australian Standard is mandated to ensure the safety of electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial facilities across Australia.

Switchboard tend to go unnoticed until a problem occurs. Don’t run the risk of an old switchboard, contact Fix Electrical Contractors today to ensure your switchboard is brought up to Australia Standard.

Why Upgrade Your Switchboard

Sydney Switchboard upgrade

Our team of qualified electrical contractors are based in Penrith and service across Sydney. At Fix Electrical Contractors we believe that every business should have access to reliable and safe switchboard upgrade services.

We offer customised solutions to our clients, ensuring that we can meet every individual needs when it comes to switchboard upgrades.  Our highly skilled electricians specialise in switchboard upgrades ensuring the electrical safety of your business.

All our switchboard upgrade services meet Australian Standard creating a safer work environment for everyone in your business. An upgrade to your switchboard is really not a big investment for the safety of your family or employees. If you would like an assessment of the state of your switchboard, call our experienced electricians. Don’t wait for an electrical fire, or an electrical shock to occur before replacing your old switchboard.

Our highly skilled electricians specialise in switchboard upgrades ensuring the electrical safety of your business. All our switchboard upgrade services meet Australian Standard creating a safer work environment for everyone in your business.

An upgrade to your switchboard is really not a big investment for the safety of your family or employees. If you would like an assessment of the state of your switchboard, call our experienced electricians. Don’t wait for an electrical fire to occur before replacing your old switchboard.

Switchboard regulations

It is a Australian law that all business owners ensure they have RCD circuit boards installed. If a business is found to be doing electrical work on their premises without an upgrade RCD switchboard, they can be heavily find or even have their business license withdrawn. 

In 2018, the latest version of the Australian and New Zealand Standard: Electrical Installations “wiring rules” (AS/NZS 3000:2018) was released. It includes updates to better reflect current equipment, technology and electrical installation techniques.

Additionally New South Wales Government Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and Electrical Safety Regulations, specify the frequency that RCD’s are required to be inspected and tested for functionality. A correctly functioning compliant switchboard can save your life in the event of an electrical fault. Like anything, over time faults can occur that mean the switchboard is faulty. It is important to ensure your switchboard is tested at regular intervals to ensure government compliance.

Main Switchboard Upgrade
Switchboard Upgrades


There are various costs associated with a switchboard overhaul and these will contrast for every property. After numerous customer demands, here is the estimated guide on the normal expenses for a Sydney electrical switchboard redesign.

Note that the electrical expert doing the overhaul will charge in an unexpected way. In any case, these are the flow surmised costs across Sydney dependent on our conference with various neighborhood circuit repairmen. You need to be vigilant if a circuit tester charges underneath this reach as they may not be completely qualified. On the off chance that upgrades are required, like asbestos expulsion and updating shopper mains, the expense will increment. A level 2 electrician is needed for the removal of asbestos plating where an old switchboard would lie, as it is dangerous and follows Australian standards.

For a precise and more accurate quote, get in touch with one of our professional staff members who can help you understand and decide which switchboard is necessary for your electrical system today!

What is a switchboard

An electric switchboard is a device that directions power from no less than one reasons for supply to a couple of more humble spaces of utilization. It is a social occasion of something like one sheets, all of which contains switches that license ability to be redirected.

A switchboard is parceled into different interconnected regions, overall containing a rule portion and a transport fragment. These two portions are a portion of the time superseded by a blend region, which is a section that can fulfill the positions of both recently referenced fragments. Switchboards can moreover sometimes go with an associate region that is used to house contraptions that can’t be housed in comparable portion as various devices.

Inside a switchboard there will be something like one busbars. These are level portions of copper or aluminum, to which the switchgear is related. Busbars help enormous courses through the switchboard, and are maintained by separators. Revealed busbars are typical, yet many sorts are at present made with a securing cover on the bars, leaving just affiliation centers uncovered. The chairman is safeguarded from electric shock by security switches and circuits. There may similarly be controls for the stock of capacity to the switchboard, coming from a generator or bank of electrical generators, especially repeat control of AC power and weight sharing controls, notwithstanding measures showing repeat and perhaps a synchro scope.

The proportion of power going into a switchboard ought to reliably be altogether identical to the power going out to the loads. A switchboard can contain a single vertical development or various plans depending upon the number and sizes of the loads being controlled. A crucial plan will contain the standard withdraws or essential conveys and will consistently contain utility and furthermore customer metering stuff and flood security. Cabling can enter directly into the central plan or through a serious draw structure. Pull structures are routinely used in help entrance switchboards. Connections can enter the plan from the floor (base entry) or from a higher spot (top segment).

Movement structures isolate and send capacity to branch circuit affirmation contraptions and a while later to branch circuits to control downstream loads. Power streams from the essential plan to the flow structure through cross vehicle. In numerous foundations, switchboards are mounted close to a divider and are front accessible so to speak. At whatever point required, the switchboard can be created to allow both front and back access. Back access switchboards give less complex permission to foundation and backing, anyway they are consistently more significant than front access just switchboards.

The fundamental pieces of a switchboard structure are the edge, transport, overcurrent cautious contraptions, instrumentation, isolate regions and outside covers. The switchboard layout is the metal skeleton that houses the wide scope of different parts. The vehicle, which is either copper or aluminum, is mounted inside this edge. The vehicle flows power from the moving toward connect conductors to the branch circuit devices. A level vehicle scatters ability to each switchboard region. Alternately, a vertical vehicle scatters ability to the circuit affirmation contraptions inside a solitary fragment.

Numerous Sydney homes actually have old wiring and unique switchboard which, indeed, are practical however undependable and inadequate. With innovation becoming unavoidable it is hard for old switchboards to adapt to the expanding loads. Significantly more, these switchboards are not really outfitted with electrical RCDs which are all the more generally known as security switches.

Switchboard Upgrades 1
Switchboard Upgrades 2

Why upgrade your switchboard?

Switchboards installed in years gone by were only designed to function with minimal electrical output. Just think about the amount of new technology and appliances you have in your home or business compared to 20 years ago. Even if your older switchboard is still working it is potentially dangerous and at risk of causing electrical fires. 

Switchboard upgrades involves changing over circuit breakers and fuses to residual current device (RCD) switches. RCD circuit breakers are a great benefit to homes and businesses as they are much safer than old switchboards. For example, if an office kitchen appliance, such as a kettle had a fault, the RCD circuit breaker would stop the power in 0.3 of a second prevent cardiac arrest from electric shock. This ability to detect the fault and trip out the power before an accident can occur is a life saver.

What is a safety switch or rcd?

RCD’s (Residule Current Device) or commonly known as safety switches are essentially mechanism to avoid your electrocution.

A RCD is genuinely your last line of guard to ensure against electric shock. Many individuals are under the feeling that an electrical switch will trip in case of human contact with power, this is wrong!

A RCD allots the current streaming and back to the circuit, if, in any occasion there is an earth spillage to ground it will trip immediately in .04 of a second – Saving your life!

Switchboard Upgrades 3
Switchboard Upgrades 4

What is a ceramic fuse?

The dangers of ceramic fuses can be quite hazardous and dangerous for an electrical system. Some Sydney homes today still have these old fuses protecting their homes. These type of fuses don’t fully protect the electrical system or even a person. They only protect against short circuit and overload protection and don’t protect against electric shock which can be fatal. The bi metal element inside of the surge protection which is a small piece of wire wrapped around two screws and will heat up and melt when the circuit draws to much current power from appliances or devices on a overload fault. When short circuit occurs the piece of wire should break immediately and disconnect the circuit, this is an extremely safer option than just a regular fuse. Fuses come in all different sizes, it is essential that the correct wire is to be used for the installation, and ensuring a licensed professional completes the service with a high degree of quality. Using an over oversized wire or incorrect wire on a circuit could become catastophic for the system causing damage to your electrical wiring and even starting a fire.

Over time as ceramic fuses age and become brittle, hot joints will form on the board and loose connections will start to appear on the electrical switchboard. This leads to power failure and can result in fire damage to the circuit and home / business. Update your switchboard before its too late.

Why you need a switchboard upgrade?

Does your switchboard have space to add extra circuits? Not having space to add security switches in your nook presents peril as it implies adding gear or apparatuses to existing circuits. It’s a good idea to update as it closes out over-burdens and shortcircuits from happening.

Renovating your home, presents the ideal chance to update your switchboard. Adding extra circuits is an unquestionable requirement while adding additional room in the kitchen or some other living space of the house. The additional room and wellbeing switches makes it simpler to manage the expanded interest in wattage.

Switchboards introduced in years passed by were simply intended to work with negligible electrical yield. Simply contemplate the measure of new innovation and apparatuses you have in your home or business contrasted with 20 years prior. Regardless of whether your more established switchboard is as yet working it is possibly hazardous and in danger of causing electrical fires.

Switchboard updates includes changing over circuit breakers and wires to lingering current gadget (RCD) switches. RCD circuit breakers are an incredible advantage to homes and organizations as they are a lot more secure than old switchboards. For instance, if an office kitchen machine, for example, a pot had a shortcoming, the RCD electrical switch would stop the force in 0.3 of a second keep heart failure from electric shock. This capacity to recognize the deficiency and excursion out the force before a mishap can happen is a lifeline.

A monstrous issue we see a great deal is the point at which a breaker blows the property holder (generally not an electrical technician) will reestablish the wire themselves… for what reason is this hazardous?.. Wire has various appraisals in the days of yore you had 8 amp for lights and 16 amp for power focuses. On the off chance that the light circuit blows (8 Amp), and breaks the wire, we have seen it on various events the proprietor will introduce the 16 amp meld wire.

Over the long run as fired breakers age and become fragile, hot joints will shape on the board and free associations will begin to show up on the electrical switchboard. This prompts power disappointment and can bring about fire harm to the circuit and home/business. Update your switchboard before its past the point of no return.

Switchboard Upgrades 5
Switchboard Upgrades 6

should i install surge protection On my switchboard?

A surge protector  is a straightforward gadget that sits in the switchboard and makes the effort of any floods, when it blows, the cartridge can be effectively supplanted. A flood defender can save an individual 10s of thousands of dollars with simply a little establishment.

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