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Deciding to upgrade your switchboard could be one of the most important decisions you can make. Your switchboard is the gateway for all electrical power to your home and business and holds the key to your electrical safety. All your power whether from the street or a solar panel system, always connects through your switchboard first.

Switchboard in need of an upgrade are known to produce the following issues:

  • Repeated short circuiting
  • Flickering lights for no apparent reason
  • Switchboard cabling hot to the touch.

These warning signs are all minor calls to action to upgrade your electrical switchboard. The greater danger for faulty switchboards is the increased risk of electrical fires due to overland. This is why it is essential that your premises switchboard is upgraded and maintained to Australian electrical standards – Australian Standard AS3000.  

Older switchboards simply were not built to handle the requirements of modern electricity. Upgrading your switchboard to modern standards can increase the electrical efficiency and safety of your premises. 

Upgrading a switchboard is not as simple as removing the old one and connecting a new one. Australian law dictates that when replacing an old switchboard, the entire electrical system of the premises be brought up to Australian Standard AS3000. 

The Australian Standard is mandated to ensure the safety of electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial facilities across Australia. Switchboard tend to go unnoticed until a problem occurs. Don’t run the risk of an old switchboard, contact Fix Electrical Contractors today to ensure your switchboard is brought up to Australia Standard.

Why Upgrade Your Switchboard

Sydney Switchboard upgrades

Our team of qualified electrical contractors are based in Penrith and service across Sydney.  At Fix Electrical Contractors we believe that every business should have access to reliable and safe switchboard upgrade services. We offer customised solutions to our clients, ensuring that we can meet every individual needs when it comes to electrical switchboard upgrades. 

Our highly skilled electricians specialise in switchboard upgrades ensuring the electrical safety of your business. All our switchboard upgrade services meet Australian Standard creating a safer work environment for everyone in your business.

An upgrade to your switchboard is really not a big investment for the safety of your family or employees. If you would like an assessment of the state of your switchboard, call our experienced electricians. Don’t wait for an electrical fire to occur before replacing your old switchboard.

Switchboard regulations

It is a Australian law that all business owners ensure they have RCD circuit boards installed. If a business is found to be doing electrical work on their premises without an upgrade RCD switchboard, they can be heavily find or even have their business license withdrawn. 

In 2018, the latest version of the Australian and New Zealand Standard: Electrical Installations “wiring rules” (AS/NZS 3000:2018) was released. It includes updates to better reflect current equipment, technology and electrical installation techniques.

Additionally New South Wales Government Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and Electrical Safety Regulations, specify the frequency that RCD’s are required to be inspected and tested for functionality. A correctly functioning compliant switchboard can save your life in the event of an electrical fault. Like anything, over time faults can occur that mean the switchboard is faulty. It is important to ensure your switchboard is tested at regular intervals to ensure government compliance.

Main Switchboard Upgrade
Switchboard Upgrades

Why upgrade your switchboard?

Switchboards installed in years gone by were only designed to function with minimal electrical output. Just think about the amount of new technology and appliances you have in your home or business compared to 20 years ago. Even if your older switchboard is still working it is potentially dangerous and at risk of causing electrical fires. 

Switchboard upgrades involves changing over circuit breakers and fuses to residual current device (RCD) switches. RCD circuit breakers are a great benefit to homes and businesses as they are much safer than old switchboards. For example, if an office kitchen appliance, such as a kettle had a fault, the RCD circuit breaker would stop the power in 0.3 of a second prevent cardiac arrest from electric shock. This ability to detect the fault and trip out the power before an accident can occur is a life saver.

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