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Why Good Electrical Maintenance is Smart for Your Business

If you cast an eye around your business, you’re likely to see a litany of digital products and electronic equipment that you use everyday to keep your company operational. A failure in the electrical elements of these devices, or the electricity of your office as a whole, will render your business temporarily out of action, sometimes for days, costing you a considerable amount of cash and time. This article looks at why you should make sound, savvy electrical maintenance decisions in order to keep your business ticking over perfectly over time.

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Health and Safety

There’s no doubt about it: electrical hazards are as high up on the list of dangers in the workplace as virtually anything else. Not only can poor maintenance and broken electrical equipment lead to electric shocks, sometimes of very high voltages indeed, but a tattered wire or overloaded fuse can also lead to harmful electrical fires.

In both cases, you’re looking at an unacceptable risk to your staff members’ well-being. As such, when you’re doing your health and safety audits, it’s crucial that you take each electrical item as a hazard in itself. Work through your office to ensure that each item is positioned correctly, with wires fully insulated and components well maintained in order to avoid the most harmful effects of poor electrical maintenance. The alternative – an employee injury or fire at work – can be hugely costly for your business. 

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Poor Energy Efficiency

Next up is your energy efficiency rating: something that should be near the top of your agenda both in terms of reducing your overheads and saving the environment. Operating with old, defective and misfiring electrical items, be they computers, monitors, or lamps, can lead you to substantial extra costs as energy is wasted through poor maintenance. Instead, you need to make sure that all wires are insulated, keeping that electricity inside the metal coil, and that each device is likewise in top working condition.

It’s easy enough to make sure your energy efficiency in your office, factory, or store is high. Inspect your main supply of electricity in order to understand the complete circuitry situation in your business, and why it’s essential that each and every device, component and feature is checked regularly to keep your energy efficiency steadily low.

Costly Interruptions

For your staff to work well within your business, you need each employee to be focused on the job at hand, happy to work for long hours in an office with few distractions and little else to worry about. If you add an electrical error, burnout, fire, shock, or another failure to the mix, you’re going to distract the majority of your workforce, perhaps placing the majority of them in danger while also making it very difficult for them to complete their work.

With your employees neglecting their workload due to any incident with the electricity, not only will you be looking at repair costs that you might have avoided with sound and savvy electrical maintenance, but you’re also looking at lost productivity as a direct consequence of your lack of action. This cost will be significantly more than the cost of hiring an electrical contractor to regularly maintain all electrical items in your office or workplace.

Letting Issues Degenerate

The real benefit of regular maintenance, in terms of saving your company a lot of cash, comes in the way you can catch a problem before they develop into nightmares. With an electrical contractor looking over your electrical products, circuits and equipment regularly, you’ll have the guarantee that no problem is slipping under your radar, slowly biding its time before becoming a full-scale disaster like those listed above.

If issues do degenerate, causing large-scale disruption, unhealthy office conditions, or else simply a loss of capital through the destruction of business property, you can end up paying through the nose to get your business back on its feet and heading in the right direction. The phrase ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is relevant here – better to catch a problem at its source than to let it develop into its worst-possible permutation.

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Unprofessional and Illegal Conduct

If you’re negligent with your electrical safety, your business may well be operating illegally. That’s because you have a clear obligation, as codified in law, to take care of your employees while they’re in the workplace. It’s clear that this responsibility towards the safety of your employees will be seen as neglected if you fail to account for the electrical safety in your premises. To do so can open you and your business up to lawsuits – costly, damaging and ugly.

Meanwhile, the lesser effect of your poor electrical maintenance is to merely reflect an unprofessional business: one that doesn’t take safety, security, and efficiency seriously. If any customers or clients see your workplace, for instance, and notice a poor level of electrical safety and a number of electrical hazards, that’s, of course, going to reflect right back onto your poor management and the professional conduct they should expect from your company.

Key Takeaways

How to Stay Ahead

If you’re convinced that electrical maintenance is key to helping your business perform at its optimal level, then you’re going to want to put a plan in place in order to bolster your electrical safety, security, and responsibility.

All you have to do, as a manager, business owner or entrepreneur, is to keep an eye on your electrical items and have all suspicious faults reported to you. Then, set up a relationship with a local electrical contractor who will send experienced tradespeople to your office to conduct regular checks – or emergency individuals to help deal with those risky occasions when your business has developed an electrical issue.

With these professionals on speed-dial and your staff trained up as to the risks of neglecting your electrical systems, you’ll be sure to avoid the most damaging cases listed above, ensuring with some certainty that your business is fully compliant with safety standards, comfortable for your staff to work in, and professional when viewed from the outside in. 

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Adrian Faull

Adrian Faull is the founder of Fix Electrical Contractors. He is proud to lead a team of qualified electricians and support team that are experts in the field, who will work with you to ensure you’re getting the best electrical solution for your needs.

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Adrian Faull

Adrian Faull is the founder of Fix Electrical Contractors. He is proud to lead a team of qualified electricians and support team that are experts in the field, who will work with you to ensure you’re getting the best electrical solution for your needs.